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Infosites.Biz | Facebook Optimization is Important for Your Business

Facebook optimization is one of the most integral yet undervalued online advertising solutions in today’s internet-driven world. Without a goal-oriented Facebook marketing tactic, you’re missing out on a massive opportunity to generate qualified leads and traffic to your website.

Today, almost every individual and organization has a Facebook account. From influencers and celebrities to small businesses and big brands, everyone is leveraging the power of the platform to expand their audience reach and stay connected with key stakeholders. Create a Facebook business page today and gain the numerous advantages offered by this premier social media platform.

We are discussing the following subjects:

•  Why Facebook optimization is essential for your business •  How to create Facebook business page •  How to boost your Facebook lead generation

Let us walk you through the Facebook audience optimization process. Together, let us rise above the competition and generate the highest possible revenue for your business.

The Significance of Facebook Optimization in Today’s Cut-Throat Business Landscape

The global trade and investment slowdown have rattled the stock market and the broader economy. Many businesses have shut down while others have enforced cost control measures to stay afloat. Some companies are even wary of spending on digital advertising, considering their limited budget and resources.

Although it is understandable to cut down advertising expenses to continue operations, is it wise to halt your Facebook optimization and other social media marketing strategies for good?

Ten years ago, Facebook audience optimization may have seemed insignificant since Facebook mostly served as a social networking platform. Today, however, thanks to its overwhelming adoption across the globe and among different age groups, Facebook has transformed into a viable digital marketing channel.

Top Benefits of Creating a Facebook Business Page

1. Shape your marketing budget within your financial capacity

2. Share a variety of content (i.e., videos, blog posts, infographics, etc.) to specific audience segments

3. Engage with prospects and customers

4. Boost your customer support

5. Increase brand recognition

6. Steer traffic to your website

7. Leverage targeted advertising

8. Maintain a strong online presence

9. Build a community of brand advocates

10. Gather useful, relevant market insights

11. Boost your search engine optimization (SEO)

12. Reach potential customers on their mobile device and peak hours

13. Track your competitors’ activities

14. Understand consumer sentiments

15. Humanize your company

The Basics of Facebook SEO

How to Customize Facebook Business Page

Set milestones

Adding milestones to your Facebook timeline boosts audience engagement. Milestones allow you to highlight your business’ key moments and share important events with your followers. These may be getting recognized by the top review sites in your industry, reaching a specific number of followers or simply hosting an event. All this information helps strengthen your brand credibility.

Create and share engaging posts

Reinforce your branding by sharing informative, useful blog posts, high-quality visuals and engaging videos. The best way to present all your marketing materials to your target audience is to create a content calendar, which includes the links, hashtags, captions and images that you will publish for each day. In this way, you don’t miss out on any special event or post.

Some tips in publishing effective Facebook posts:

•  Create unique visuals that align with your branding •  Use infographics to simplify long-form content •  Caption every photo and blog post you share on your page •  Be sure that the uploaded images have Alt Text — this allows search engine spiders to interpret and index your images •  Use relevant hashtags •  Leverage user-generated content (UGC) •  Showcase your team in action •  Pin the most important posts (i.e., announcements, business updates, webinar schedule, etc.) •  Publish at peak hours

Maximize backlinks

Facebook optimization is a great way to build quality backlinks to your website. When authority sites link back or share your content, it sends trust signals to Google of your website’s reputation and value.

Connect with industry experts and influencers to build your page authority. More importantly, share comprehensive, unique content to generate quality traffic and boost your Facebook page’s popularity and credibility.

Use high-performing keywords on your Facebook page content

Keywords are essential elements of your Facebook SEO. The key to gain optimum results is to use keywords strategically on your Facebook page. Additionally, avoid shady practices, such as keyword stuffing.

Place keywords on your:

•  About Us section •  Business description •  Headline •  Captions •  Posts

We recommend that you capitalize on keyword research tools, such as SEMRush or Ahrefs, to determine high-value keywords on your specific niche market.

Customize your messenger automatic responses

Facebook messenger has approximately 1.3 billion users. It is where your prospects and customers are communicating most of the time. Aside from generating high traffic, messenger yields about 80 percent open rates, which is multiple times more effective than email marketing.

By customizing your automatic responses, you can bring in targeted sales within the application. Here are some tips to boost your marketing results using Facebook messenger:

•  Engage your followers during an event •  Deliver professional content •  Re-engage potential customers •  Leverage sponsored messages •  Provide speedy customer support

Leverage Facebook Stories and Facebook live

Facebook Stories has more than 300 million active daily users. It is the perfect platform to showcase your unique brand offerings, share the latest company updates or simply publish posts that coincide with special occasions, such as holidays, world events and anniversaries.

The key to using Facebook Stories is to keep customers’ attention with speed. A single Facebook story has a 20-second limit. This means your message must be clear and succinct to capture your target audiences’ attention and effectively convey your message.

Some tips to keep in mind:

•  Enhance your Facebook stories with sound •  Use high-resolution images and videos •  Include contact details and CTAs •  Keep the message clear and precise •  Avoid unnecessary stickers and industry jargons

Facebook Live is another free feature that you can use to host webinars, keep a pulse on your target market and engage with your followers.

Capitalize on paid advertising

Get your followers to take action by launching targeted ads based on demographics, location and interests. Facebook offers robust analytics, such as click-through rates (CTRs), conversions and sales. You can use these social metrics to optimize your ad copies and position your ads at the right time and platform.

Follow these tips to get the highest possible revenue at the lowest investment:

•  Layout specific, measurable, attainable, results-oriented and time-bound (SMART) objectives •  Leverage videos and photos •  Create multiple sets of ad copy and run A/B split tests to determine the ad variation that drives the highest conversions •  Consider ad placements carefully •  Focus on mobile-first content •  Optimize your landing pages •  Remarket to those who have previously interacted with your brand

Engage with your followers

Staying connected with your followers is always better than under-communicating. You want to ensure your business stays top of mind. You can do this by responding to messages and reviews, acknowledging comments on your posts and encouraging your best customers to leave positive reviews on your Facebook business page.

Pivot Your Facebook SEO Strategy and Provide the Most Value to Your Target Customers

Facebook is a powerful advertising platform that can take your business to new heights, given the right audience optimization tactics. Do you have the knowledge and capacity to manage your business’ Facebook optimization and other digital marketing needs?

Understanding the intricacy of Facebook features is vital to navigating the complex demands and challenges of Facebook lead generation. Leverage Facebook marketing to your advantage and show off your unique brand personality. is here to help you customize your Facebook business page and capture the attention of your brand followers. We analyze your niche market and determine your conversion opportunities to develop the right organic and paid social media advertising strategies. Email us now and let us help you strengthen your brand image across social media channels.


July 2020


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