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From regular email to email marketing and from flyers to banner ads - we've experienced a full evolution in marketing and the technology that goes hand in hand with it. Today, a lot of monotonous marketing tasks are simplified and automated. This means that after you create a website, you'll be at a fork to choose from dozens of marketing tools, to make your business most efficient.

Since the list of invaluable digital marketing tools is far from short, in this article, we've gathered many best marketing tools you can use to maximize your digital marketing efforts.

What are Marketing Tools?

Marketing tools are technologies that companies can leverage to promote their products, goods and services. Most businesses use several different types of technologies for different purposes, such as analytics, advertising or even social media marketing.

It’s essential that you are set up for success when starting or growing your business, and digital marketing software can help you automate and manage many of the time-consuming manual tasks. By doing so, you’re free to focus on the most crucial parts of scaling your business.

Best Types of Marketing Tools

  • Email marketing and lead nurturing tools

  • Social media marketing tools

  • Website analytics and data reporting

  • CRM software

  • Website testing

  • Lead capture and conversion tools

  • Advertising programs

  • Video marketing tools

  • Content creation platforms

  • Communication and collaboration systems

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tools

  • Digital asset management

  • Customer service

  • Productivity and project management software

  • Blogging

Email Marketing and Lead Nurturing Tools

Social Media Marketing Tools

Website Analytics and Data Reporting

CRM Tools

Website Testing

Lead Capture and Conversion Tools

Advertising Programs

Video Marketing Tools

Content Creation Platforms

Communication and Collaboration Systems

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Digital Asset Management

Customer Service

Productivity and Project Management Software




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